There Is No New Economy

Just thought I’d share that with those of you buying into the oft-repeated lie. When someone talks of it, ask them how it is fundamentally different from the “old economy”. New technology doesn’t make a new economy. Advances in how a business operates or interacts with purchasers do not change the economy - they improve or detract from that specific aspect.

Think about this: Since the invention of currency, what has fundamentally changed about buying or selling something? Nothing. Sure, you can do it online now, but what changed? Nothing. A company still needs to sell it’s product or service at enough of a price to at least break even, and preferably enough to profit and invest in future products and services and benefits for employees.

Purchasers still want to get the things or services they want or need for the best price they can, preferably low. We make choices about what is important to us and we buy based on those. Again, nothing changed.

Why do I make this point? Because too many people are throwing this around as if to say that the old things are no longer valid and you need to come to them (preferably with money or credit card in hand) so they can explain it to you.

I say ignore them. Go do some research yourself. You’ll find nothing fundamental has changed, the new economy that looks and acts just like the old economy.

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