Better Websites Through Deconstruction

Look around the web for how to make your website better and you will find no end of articles, many contradictory. Look more specifically to Wordpress and things don’t change much. What does change is the strategies - mostly around caching and getting around terrible plug-ins and themes which seem to avoid performance mindful markup layout like a plague to be fled from in terror.

What you don’t see is a challenge to the fundamental way WP, and to a similar extent most publishing platforms, handles the basic web page. But what if we threw away the modern web page concept? Are there benefits to be had? Is there a way of making web pages which conserves bandwidth, CPU cycles, DB queries, and latency? I think so. And the answer may be a bit surprising.

Increasing Risk of Death?

While researching standing desk designs I saw a comment reading thusly: Sitting all day increases your risk of death by up to 40% Really? Unless I completely missed the biggest news story in history, our risk of death is still pretty much 100%. I’m not sure sitting at a desk really makes it 140%.

Time for a new experiment

I’ve taken to conducting six week trials of various physical experiments on myself. My latest one follows two months of following a diet of 80% Standard American Diet (SAD). Next up is a Low Carb, High Fat diet. This is my week one report.

Why We Object to Military Presidential Powers

Once upon a time, the United States was attacked and thousands of people died. Americans, and indeed much of the civilized world, rallied behind then President Bush to root out the evil doers and bring them to justice. But somewhere along the way, something went wrong.

Bulverde Mayor Threatens Bicyclists

I originally entitled this “Bulverde Mayor Opens Mouth and Inserts Foot”, but figured this  suited it better. That said, both are true. In an article he wrote himself (opens in new window), the Mayor proved he knows nothing of the laws and common decency, then threatened to abuse the police to target a class of law abiding citizens doing legal things - riding their bicycles.

Is Bloomberg being Honest About Obesity?

In a recent article on the NYC Soda Ban, Mayor Bloomberg stated: “If we are serious about fighting obesity, we have to be honest about what causes it.” - NYC Mayor Bloomberg I could not agree more. However, the question is: Is he being honest about it? He is using this assertion that sodas cause us to be obese to justify banning sodas over a certain size. But is that the truth?

The Mythical Fiscal Cliff

Every drive to work, every drive home, every news clip, every pundit seems to have something to say about the so-called “Fiscal Cliff”. Each side claims the other is holding “the middle-class tax cuts hostage”, or that the other side’s plan is laughable or unworthy. Sadly, while there isn’t really a cliff, both sides are right about each other. Here is why. They are both wrong.

Post Election Thoughts: Mandate? What Mandate?

On election night we started hearing how Obama and the Democrats had a mandate. Why? Because of a substantial margin in the electoral college. For this article we’ll kindly forget their claims that Bush didn’t have one in 2000 despite a substantial margin in the Electoral College - this article is about why there isn’t one today.

Post-Election Realizations

My self-imposed election period hiatus is over. Since the mainstream media and blogosphere have lost interest in it, it is time to return to it. There are some interesting parallels with prior elections, but not the ones I’ve seen posted elsewhere.

Prior to the election there was discussion on whether Romney would be the Republican John Kerry. I think with the results in, there is a clear historical parallell , and it is with a Democrat presidential contender. Indeed I think this entire election is a repeat of that contender’s race; the 2000 Presidential Race.

Let us examine some key factors.

There Is No New Economy

Just thought I’d share that with those of you buying into the oft-repeated lie. When someone talks of it, ask them how it is fundamentally different from the “old economy”. New technology doesn’t make a new economy. Advances in how a business operates or interacts with purchasers do not change the economy - they improve or detract from that specific aspect. Think about this: Since the invention of currency, what has fundamentally changed about buying or selling something?