Second Week of HFLC Report

So, two weeks into my HFLC n=1 experiment and what has changed from the first week?

This first notable change is a continued drop in waist size as measured by snugness of specific pairs of jeans.  For Kirkland pairs I am still in a 33, but 34s are now loose.

The weight drop has also continued. I am down 5 pounds more for week two. The daily delta was a bit wonky compared to last week. Last week it was pretty consistently about a pound per day. This week I had a couple days of zero change and days of larger drops.

As to how I feel, no change from last week. No intense cravings for anything sugary of grainy. It has been a while since I’ve had a good steak though. We did go to Golden Corral this week where I had steak. Sadly, it only increased my desire for a good steak.

My wife, Tami, did find an interesting cheese sauce recipe she adapted to fit this eating style. It goes exceedingly well with Costco’s rotisserie chicken. It is a stunningly delicious dish for it’s simplicity and one I can easily have every week for lunch. It makes a nice pattern for leftovers and shopping which I’ll detail in a separate post. I’ll also post the menu separately too so you can enjoy it as well. Good cheese sauces are hard to find and I am glad we found this one. next week, what does having a binge day on Thanksgiving mean for this experiment? Check back next week for the results.

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