Time for a new experiment

I’ve taken to conducting six week trials of various physical experiments on myself. My latest one follows two months of following a diet of 80% Standard American Diet (SAD). Next up is a Low Carb, High Fat diet. This is my week one report.

At the onset I clocked in at a consistent 206.8 pounds. This was surprisingly static over a week of five daily measurements each morning after waking and immediately post-bladder void. I do repeated weigh-ins looking for consistency. Thus even if the scale I use is off, it should be consistent. If needed each day’s measurement is done until I get consistent results.

My activity level has not yet increased, and I’ve made no effort to restrict calorie intake. Nor am I tracking calories. I am looking for what happens when specifically not trying to move the needle - just go with what feels hungry or full.

To counter the possibility if the “low carb flu”, a phrase used to denote the symptoms of withdrawal from a high carb lifestyle, I’ve increased my already good water intake. To cope with getting up early (a different trial I am running), I am taking two scoops of Amino Energy in the morning.

So with that covered what are the first week results and observations?

A net drop of 5.6 pounds, and going from a tight squeeze in size 34 jeans to a a comfortable and slightly loose 33. What is more interesting is how I feel. I’m not going to say I suddenly felt great. But I didn’t feel bad at all. I did feel a more lucid, which I expected from a previous low carb experiment.

I’ve not had any cravings, though I click sure go for some Barq’s Root Beer.

Up for this next week I am adding in some increased physical activity while maintaining everything else.