Sentinel Tool: Pod Connector

Sometimes you need or want to connect to a Sentinel managed Redis master but would rather not manually pull the connection information from the config or API, then run redis-cli with the current information. Now you can do it easily

This simple little utility, pod-connector, will let you do that, in addiition to displaying in your terminal the information Sentinel has about the pod in a more readable view than ‘grep /etc/redis/sentinel.conf’ does.

As soon as I finish adding the Go RPC connector in RedSkull I’ll add support for talking to RedSkull to this utility.

The repo is on GitHub. I’m using to run tests on commits and PRs, as well as uploading new releases (compiled in Linux only for now) to the release page at

As you might be able to guess by the GitHub organization name, I’ll be releasing more tools aimed at managing and interacting with Sentinel from an operational standpoint as opposed to as a Redis client.

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