Second Week of HFLC Report

So, two weeks into my HFLC n=1 experiment and what has changed from the first week?

Experiment: Is Blue Light Special?

I’m almost two weeks into a sleep related experiment. As someone who has had insomnia as long as I can remember, I’ve tried most “here is how to sleep better” claims. Nearly all of them have met with failure on a personal, n=1, level. This is a new one which is backed up with real scientific study. What is it? Managing your blue light exposure.

Time for a new experiment

I’ve taken to conducting six week trials of various physical experiments on myself. My latest one follows two months of following a diet of 80% Standard American Diet (SAD). Next up is a Low Carb, High Fat diet. This is my week one report.

Is Innovation in 'Cloud' Stagnating?

For w while now the buzz is about being cloud. Whether it is apps in the cloud, services in the cloud, or being a cloud provider you can’t seem top escape this buzzword lately. But given the recent releases and direction the “major players” are talking about, I have to wonder if we are entering a stagnation period. Or perhaps, to borrow a phrase from economics, perhaps stagflation.

Redis Zen

Working with Redis can be done with the usual mindset, but approaching it from a different mindset can reap significant rewards.

Why We Object to Military Presidential Powers

Once upon a time, the United States was attacked and thousands of people died. Americans, and indeed much of the civilized world, rallied behind then President Bush to root out the evil doers and bring them to justice. But somewhere along the way, something went wrong.

Wordpress Responsiveness, Part 3

In Wordpress Responsiveness Part 2 I introduced wrote about WP Supercache  (WPSC)and how to tune it to your site. In this part I’ll talk about a separate plugin which works well with WPSC, CDN Sync Tool, and how it can improve your TTFB and load times dramatically.

Wordpress Responsiveness, Part 1

How Fast Does Your Site Load?

It is a question that matters to your readers, to Google (and other search engines), and thus should matter to you. This is likely obvious to you. What you may not realize is there are a few fundamental types of site/page speed and how you handle each of them matters. In this article I’ll walk you through some of those details.